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IRC (‘’ICE Roller Coaster’’) is a BMX Race chain tensioner,proudly designed by ICE

This innovation was designed in France to solve* recurring problems that Riders have been facing for many years (hard point on chain, tension problems and chainring change   itch the riders are confronted since many years. (Hard point, chain tension or chainring changes )
The IRC chain tentioner is a product to be taken as a whole and it consists of 2 parts :
Part A  horizontal part  « classic » chain tensionner.
Part B  vertical part  Swing arm with pulley.

The Swingarm cannot be mounted on a different chain testioner than Part A. However, Part A can be mounted without part B.

ICE wanted to be able to offer this system to the majority of riders, and therefore release dit in 2 different versions, to make it adaptable to as many frames as possible :
IRC type l : FOR traditional Ø15 or Ø10 mm frame dropouts (see picture), to mount wheels with Ø15 or 10mm axle when using the 15-10mm adapters supplied with the IRC.
IRC type ll : Only for frame dropouts in Ø20 mm (see picture) with chain tensioner integrated into the frame, to mount wheels with Ø15 mm or Ø 10 mm axle when you use the 15-10mm adaptaters supplied with the IRC.

***IRC system creates a permanent tension on the chain thanks to the Swingarm which is fixed on a CNC Stainless steel axles, articulated using two sealed bearings and a stainless steel spring.***
Tension is exerted on the chain via a derailleur pulley (also mounted on a sealed bearing and a stainless steel axle), which allows great fluidity and reduced resistance when pedalling.
Chainline adjustment is made at the derailleur pulley . Fact thus pulley is mounted on an axle, provides precise lateral adjustment. Once the adjustment is optimal, the position of the axle got to be locked via a 4mm intra-screw in the Swingarm.

Why you should use our IRC :
1.    No more hard point on your chain (caused either by the chainring, cog or crankset) : i, fact : the Swingarm is mointed on a spring, allowing you to automatically correct any defects in the machining of your transmission parts.

2.    Changing the chainring without removing the rear wheel, which is very practical during training or racing : i twill only take you 2 minutes of manipulation and will save you precious time.  **/!\ WARNING /!\ ** changing of the chainring without removing the rear wheel is possible only for young riders with not much power (-13 yo). High tension is required for powerful riders, which will not allow to change chainring without removing rear wheel, as this need of tension would imply to change the length of the chain **
3.    Adjust your rear wheelbase t oyour liking and in a very precise way, because the swingarm, mounted on a spring, makes it possible to recover the difference in chain tension.

4.    The IRC incorporates a classic horizontal chain tensioner (part A) for Ø20, 15 or 10mm dropouts depending on your frame. (Type I or II)
Please note that several anchoring positions are available on the body of the tensioner and on the Swingarm, allowing you to optimize the tension of the chain by modifying the position of the spring, according to your transmission delelopment. (see users Manual)
The IRC was deisgned to be easy to use by everyone, as long as you have the right tools and carefully follow the instructions in the manual.

Features :
-    Designed, developed and tested in France.
-     Available in 2 versions.
-    Fully removable with BTR and TORKX keys.
-    Part A : adjustable with 2 Stainless steel BTR screws.
-    CNC Alloy pulley (11T) mounted on a sealed bearing.
-    Z15Cn17 stainless steel CNC body/swingarm junction axle mounted on 2 sealed bearings
-    Heat-treated stainless steel tension spring
-    Z15Cn17 stainless steel CNC derailleur pulley axle
-    15mm to 10mm CNC Alloy adapters with O-ring

Weight : 150gr ( 220gr axle included) 

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